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Using Print-At-Home Sewing Patterns from Craft Garden!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Are you new to using print-at-home sewing patterns? Craft Garden's patterns are developed to help you craft projects without unnecessary fuss and stress!

After years of feedback making costume sewing patterns for crafters, I've developed my own unique way of formatting patterns to eliminate many of the common gripes users have when using home-printed resources. I've designed each step of the process with beginners in mind.

Sewing Pattern Print Out

How does no fuss, straightforward home printing sound? Say goodbye to cutting on the wrong nested line or not knowing how to navigate layered files! You don't need to be tech-savvy to print out the size you need because each size has its own PDF. Just pick your size using our size chart and print! There's an easy-to-understand ruler on page 2 for you to quickly check if your print scale settings are correct, and page 3 features a visual guide to help you with taping everything together.

Frustrated with print-at-home patterns, figuring out if the A3 diamond should be taped to D7? That's not a problem with ours! Each page is sequentially numbered for a common-sense way of keeping pages in order. Simply cut along two of the dotted lines, match the lines up, and tape!

Easy to Print Sewing Patterns

Craft Garden's easy-to-understand pattern markers are designed to stand out. You'll find our simple pattern marker key on each pattern and further notes on what these pattern markers mean in our illustrated instructions! Seam allowance and the sewing line are clearly indicated with solid lines. There's no confusing markings in sight- just the stuff you need to getting straight to cutting and sewing!

Everything you need to know to get started on your project is in our 'Read Me' documents, including a size chart, fabric recommendations, a supplies list, yardage estimates, print troubleshooting, and pattern modification tips! A handy fabric conversion chart is included for converting yardage to a range of different material sizes.

Sewing Pattern Instructions

Our instructions use large, simple, and straightforward line-art illustrations to save ink if you like to print out these documents. Each drawing is accompanied by descriptions with pattern piece names shown in bold font. Points of interest are indicated in blue or red to stand out from the illustration, and each picture is scaled large on the page to eliminate eye strain. No more squinting at small, confusing images!

If all this sounds up your alley, give one of Graft Garden's print-at-home, instantly downloadable sewing patterns a try today!

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